The Spitfire Grill

Director's Notes: 
I originally chose the Spitfire Grill simply because it featured very strong female characters. It would give my actresses some great opportunities to shine; however, as we began preparing for the production there were some other very resonate themes. The entire town of Gilead, Wisconsin changes so positively as a result of the actions of the main character, Percy, who can see the worth in everyone around her except for herself. The music, the acting, the design, everything about this production was beautiful. The character I most connected with was the sheriff, Joe. His small town life wasn't enough for him and he was so itchy to get out, but as he saw what the town could be and how he could contribute, he came around to the idea of remaining. I directed this play the year after I applied to (and was rejected from) grad school. The production helped me to see the beauty and opportunity in the place where I already was, and to contribute to making it better for me and those around me.