Tragic Valley 2019

Director's Notes: 
Tales of Terror from the Tragic Valley is Canyon Ridge Theatre's annual Halloween show. We started the tradition back in 2012 when I first started teaching at Canyon Ridge High School, and it quickly became one of my favorite projects. We get to experiment, bend the format of theatre, focus on student-produced scripts, and make shows that are unique and exciting.

For Tales of Terror from the Tragic Valley VIII, we wanted to build a haunted house experience, something our audiences could journey through. In order to justify this, we came up with the idea of a theatre company having their final dress rehearsal for "The Cabin," a fictional play. During this rehearsal, an unidentified audience member accidentally invokes the Macbeth curse, and we have to take the entire audience around the auditorium in order to lift the curse. Our ushers became characters in the production who had to interact with their audience groups while ushering them through the haunted experience.